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Reglement of the forum


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Reglement of the forum

Post by Admin on 11th March 2016, 5:15 pm

[b]Check the reglement : CHARTER OF the FORUM:
-Article 1: the respect for all the people is essential to evolve well within the forum. No insult, mockery of all kinds is thus tolerated, under all the forms (the Same step in the form of ***).

-Article 2: any subject(words) offensive, violent, slanderous, racist, xenophobic, pedophile, pornographic is forbidden:

-Article 3: the words concerning subjects unstable as the politics(policy), the religion or others are to be avoided(to avoid).

-Article 4: the double post is forbidden, a button "Edict" exists and allows you to modify your message.

-Article 5: pay attention where you post, every column(section) in a well defined theme. If you are not on then ask an administrator(director), a moderating or same in a member(limb) by MP ( personnel message) or by cat(chat). (...)


Article 19: only the staff is authorized to say if yes or not a person break the regulation(payment). Quite different people allowing to carry(wear) a similar judgment(sentence) and not being a member some staff will be considered too as a culprit. (If you wish to help the staff then send a message deprived in one of them to warn(prevent) them) Article 20: the regulation(payment) may change all the time, you thus have to inquire changes.

PENALTIES: The system of penalty works as follows: Summary of the penalties:

A forgery-step: a failure to respect one of articles.

Two forgery-step: a second failure to respect one of articles.

The third forgery-step: the third failure to respect one of articles pulls(entails) a warning.

Six forgery-step: second warning. New forgery-step: the third warning[/b]

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